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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The firsts...

Sheesh…finally my first post after more than a month…I finally had the time to sit down and document my thoughts…While almost all my blogging friends have completed blogging about their holidays here I am, trying to recall the niceties and fine points of the holidays…and though I wanted this post initially to be my last post for 2007 – to kind of like cap off the year with a real happy entry – I kind of justified na lang the delay of this entry thinking that this too, was also a fitting first entry for 2008 as a lot of the firsts has transpired during the holidays =)

No, its not the first year hubs and I are going to celebrate Christmas as a married couple, but it is the first time we’ll have Bianca to celebrate it with us…and yes, as I’ve anticipated, this Christmas was one of the best(est) we’ve ever had...and the year ended with a lot of firsts for Bianca…and for hubs and I na rin =D

The first Christmas party: Sponsored by SC Johnson and daughter came in as super Bianca, December 8.

The first birthday party: Ate Sam’s 7th birthday, Kamayan EDSA

And officially, we moved in na in our first family home

and the first celebration we had at home (Bianca’s 6th month bday)

And since daughter turned 6 already (months that is, not years)…you’re ready na for your solids. Here’s a picture of the first bite…My little adorable Bianca loves potatoes

and then last December 21, we also had our first family car

But we missed Ninong Renell’s first borns Christening, but we did manage to swing by to give his little princess’ gift.

Ok, I admit, this wasn’t the first Xmas gift daughter got (Ninang Elaine being the early bird gave her gift early, but since I braved the MRT, I was asked to open na the gift so she didn’t actually see the gift unopened so, we are posting Ninang Chan’s gift instead, cause this was the first gift daughter received unopened =D

And for obvious reasons, I was just deliriously happy on Christmas Eve…I love your smile baby, I’ll keep this memory in my heart.

and yes kulang kulang pa yung na upload kung pix, next post na lang ulit =)