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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A song for my little one...

I've been searching for nice (and heart warming) songs that i can sing/dedicate my daughter...I've always wanted the song Not while I'm around by Barbara Streisand but I havent really had luck downloading free MP3s...

And i guess, every mom can just relate to the songs, for one, I bet moms out there are really set to protect their children...regardless of how young or old they get...thats just really how mom's are....very protective...

I also chanced upon this song and this one really melted my heart...I was really teary eyed watching the video from you tube...the songs title is "In my daughter's eyes..." by Martina MCbride... The song is really wonderful =D Its heart warming and its a really just great song =DI'll try to update this entry by posting the songs lyrics....

Thats it for now. I dont really have much update cause I'm a little busy preparing for the little one's first birthday..details to follow

Have a nice day fellow bloggers!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The 10th month

We'll be celebrating Bianca's 10th month birthday on Friday and Im really looking forward to it-- for one thing we might be able to celebrate with my mom in Laguna, secondly, she's turning 10 months old --she is a big girl already--double digits na---im really just excited---

Bianca has really become a social butterfly, grinning at everybody who'd give her smile.she claps her hands, waves goodbye, stand, plays peek a boo, and plays close open...and its really funny when we play with her and we try too confuse her by chanting close open and clap your hands in the same rhythm yet Bianca can do the correct action---am just really one proud momma---and she's really growing up so beautifully--and its not just me---people around us would always comment how pretty she is =D and people would just think that she's japanese/chinese because of her chinky eyes.I just havent really had success teaching her the flying kiss pa e,siguro in a few weeks pa

While some mom complains that their children are becoming too clingy at this stage, i think its really the opposite for me. I really am flattered when Bianca prefers me over anybody else...and i mean anybody and everybody ha...i guess i just really have enough patience, i mean this early i have gone to the extent of taking a bath with the doors open, otherwise Bianca would hyterically cry. There are also days when i cant even pee because Bianca wouldnt let go, but i really just dont mind...all i know is that she wants me and im there for her. and i was really just touched with my moms comment last week, this was the scenario, i just got home from work and Bianca was jumping up and down with happiness, my mom offhandedly commented that Bianca is happiest when she sees me and she said that a baby her age can show na so much affection for her mom.aww. im super touched. and maybe because im the youngest in the family, im really just too demonstrative, especially kay Bianca, wala talagang limitation. Im not really sure if loving her too much would do her wrong in the future, im not sure, i hope it wont...

Oh going back to the 10th month birthday,traditionally, we'd just get a cake from a bakeshop but for this month i'd make ref cake and probably just get pansit somewhere. the ref cake id try to decorate with peaches or mangoes (or whatever is available at home. I love you the most Bianca. Happy 10th month birthday =D. Love you love you love you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Honor

And i really just want to congratulate my uber smart niece Sofia, finished 2nd grade on top of her class...she got this so effortlessly,she's really just naturally smart. Keep up the good work baby girl...i love you much =D
And tita lissa got her bike...

I just really hope, that she continues to do well in school, until she graduates in college...

Keep up the good work =D

A little trivia

This is nice, a little family trivia =)

Webster defines prime -
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English prīm, from Latin prima hora first hour Date: before 12th century

1 aoften capitalized : the second of the canonical hours b: the first hour of the day usually considered either as 6 a.m. or the hour of sunrise
2 a: the earliest stage b: spring c: youth
3: the most active, thriving, or satisfying stage or period
4: the chief or best individual or part : pick prime of the flock, and choicest of the stall —

And us being a prime family, our Birthdays all falls on a prime number date :

Hubs: April 17
Me: May 3
Bianca: June 11

Also, Chinese considers the number 8, the luckiest number and a littler re arranging, and addtion of our birthdays will result in number 8...

hubs: April 17 (1+7 =8)
Me: may 3 (5+3 = 8)
Bianca:June 11 (6+1+1 = 8)

Wala lang =)Just really thinking that we're a PRIME family and that we're all really lucky
Have a nice weekend =D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Beginning

With the little I have in front of the PC, I was thinking of something really nice to update my blog...though this is something really outdated already, i realize that this was really worth sharing...

Happy viewing,and yes this video still wells up my eyes

and all i did this weekend was create back up pix of my little one...she's nine months onld but she's got like tons of pix...mostly taken by Bianca's own set of mamarazzi and paparazzi...

Oh and my the way...the video uploaded was courtesy of our caring anaesthesologist, Dr. Berdan

Monday, March 10, 2008

Its sad

Im a little sad cause i havent really had time to update my blog, mostly because im busy taking care of the not so little anyymore one, home and work...but everythings really been great plus hubs and i kinda' established a routine already and were really just happy being on our own...

This is just a quick note but i'd surely have a detailed update next week...(its holy week so i wont have to go to work =D.

Oh and by the way, before i sign off, i really really just want to tell little Bianca that I love her so, Im really crazy about her...We'll be celebrating her 9th month on Tuesday and i still havent blogged about her 7th and 8th month birthday...that too is coming up this weekend (sheesh!)

Plus of course, i need to upload photos

Bianca, when i look at you, I wonder how someone so little can fill me up with so much love...I love you darling so much...and i thank you for giving me so much happiness...love, mommy

Vacation Time

Since my husband and I are both working, we rarely have time to go out and unwind. Luckily though, our birthdays are only 2 weeks apart, it is during this time that we make sure we go out, have quality family time and unwind.

For this year, hubs and I agreed that we’ll explore countries we’ve never been to---like US, Canada or UK, and with this in mind, we’re pretty sure that almost half of our budget for this trip would go to airfare…thus there is a need to search for affordable hotels where we can stay.

Of course, if hubs and I decide to go to either US or Canada, we can just stay at a relative’s house to save on hotel accommodation but since we don’t really have relatives in UK, we’d really have to find a place that’s affordable.

We’d like to consider the following hotels for UK trip:

Cheap BelfastHotels, London Hotels Centre and Cheap Cardiff Hotels

With the rates they offer, I’m sure my husband and I can have the UK vacation trip that we’ve been dreaming about.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Thanks to Arlene for this award:

and am passing this to all the girls in my blog roll.talga namang your sites are my constant source of inspiration, information, entertainment and chismis e hehehe

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The firsts...

Sheesh…finally my first post after more than a month…I finally had the time to sit down and document my thoughts…While almost all my blogging friends have completed blogging about their holidays here I am, trying to recall the niceties and fine points of the holidays…and though I wanted this post initially to be my last post for 2007 – to kind of like cap off the year with a real happy entry – I kind of justified na lang the delay of this entry thinking that this too, was also a fitting first entry for 2008 as a lot of the firsts has transpired during the holidays =)

No, its not the first year hubs and I are going to celebrate Christmas as a married couple, but it is the first time we’ll have Bianca to celebrate it with us…and yes, as I’ve anticipated, this Christmas was one of the best(est) we’ve ever had...and the year ended with a lot of firsts for Bianca…and for hubs and I na rin =D

The first Christmas party: Sponsored by SC Johnson and daughter came in as super Bianca, December 8.

The first birthday party: Ate Sam’s 7th birthday, Kamayan EDSA

And officially, we moved in na in our first family home

and the first celebration we had at home (Bianca’s 6th month bday)

And since daughter turned 6 already (months that is, not years)…you’re ready na for your solids. Here’s a picture of the first bite…My little adorable Bianca loves potatoes

and then last December 21, we also had our first family car

But we missed Ninong Renell’s first borns Christening, but we did manage to swing by to give his little princess’ gift.

Ok, I admit, this wasn’t the first Xmas gift daughter got (Ninang Elaine being the early bird gave her gift early, but since I braved the MRT, I was asked to open na the gift so she didn’t actually see the gift unopened so, we are posting Ninang Chan’s gift instead, cause this was the first gift daughter received unopened =D

And for obvious reasons, I was just deliriously happy on Christmas Eve…I love your smile baby, I’ll keep this memory in my heart.

and yes kulang kulang pa yung na upload kung pix, next post na lang ulit =)