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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The 10th month

We'll be celebrating Bianca's 10th month birthday on Friday and Im really looking forward to it-- for one thing we might be able to celebrate with my mom in Laguna, secondly, she's turning 10 months old --she is a big girl already--double digits na---im really just excited---

Bianca has really become a social butterfly, grinning at everybody who'd give her smile.she claps her hands, waves goodbye, stand, plays peek a boo, and plays close open...and its really funny when we play with her and we try too confuse her by chanting close open and clap your hands in the same rhythm yet Bianca can do the correct action---am just really one proud momma---and she's really growing up so beautifully--and its not just me---people around us would always comment how pretty she is =D and people would just think that she's japanese/chinese because of her chinky eyes.I just havent really had success teaching her the flying kiss pa e,siguro in a few weeks pa

While some mom complains that their children are becoming too clingy at this stage, i think its really the opposite for me. I really am flattered when Bianca prefers me over anybody else...and i mean anybody and everybody ha...i guess i just really have enough patience, i mean this early i have gone to the extent of taking a bath with the doors open, otherwise Bianca would hyterically cry. There are also days when i cant even pee because Bianca wouldnt let go, but i really just dont mind...all i know is that she wants me and im there for her. and i was really just touched with my moms comment last week, this was the scenario, i just got home from work and Bianca was jumping up and down with happiness, my mom offhandedly commented that Bianca is happiest when she sees me and she said that a baby her age can show na so much affection for her mom.aww. im super touched. and maybe because im the youngest in the family, im really just too demonstrative, especially kay Bianca, wala talagang limitation. Im not really sure if loving her too much would do her wrong in the future, im not sure, i hope it wont...

Oh going back to the 10th month birthday,traditionally, we'd just get a cake from a bakeshop but for this month i'd make ref cake and probably just get pansit somewhere. the ref cake id try to decorate with peaches or mangoes (or whatever is available at home. I love you the most Bianca. Happy 10th month birthday =D. Love you love you love you.