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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What matters most

We're barely on our 2nd week from moving in on our own and im beat...I never realized that it can be this tiring

Maybe that ability to relax comes with more time or stability. Or maybe it's a way to assure that you're on your toes. Either way, I love our home...I just suppose that I'm still not entirely comfortable being the Queen. Someday, I'll write about pulling in every single known direction that comes with handling and managing your own home and having a little teeny baby, but not tonight.

I'm so tired I can hardly see straight. I dont know how much longer i could juggle work and home responsibilities. Its good thing that this is my last week at work and come january we'll have ate salve to help out ate krisel with the chores at home and take care of the little one while im at work

The "home + work" load really took me by surprise...since our househelp is young she doesnt know how to cook yet so at night when i get home, i still need to cook dinner and i also prepare breakfast and lunch before going to sleep( and thats because i go to work early) sigh ...it can really get frustrating sometimes...and im really just too tired now to fully enjoy our new home and bianca and hubs...but then again, no matter how tired I am ,each night as i rock Bianca to sleep, I couldnt help but be overwhelmed with so much love and gratitude...I feel so blessed having my baby and my husband. and time and again i realized i shouldnt be complaining for our life is unfolding so beautifully, i guess i couldnt really ask for more...tonight, i shall remember to hug hubs for the wonderful life we have together.

happy holidays friends. i owe bloghops and tags pa, but once we have ate salve on board, i'll visit everybody's page na. pramis =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy 6th month Birthday Baby Bianca

Happy 6th month Birthday Baby Bianca

Wow, darling you are a real grown up and still mommy hasn’t gotten enough of anything of you. At night, I’d still look at you in awe, taken aback by how much you’d grown, has it been already been 6 months? The memory of the first time I held you in my arms and the first time I saw you are still vivid in my mind…you were so tiny, Oh how you fit so perfectly in just a crook of mommy’s arm, and now, you’ve more than doubled your weight =). It’s amazing how fast you’ve grown.

Amidst everything that’s been going on, I’ve noticed how attached you’ve become to Lola B. and this makes me happy, you know how much I love Lola right? And aside from your dada and me, your Lola’s about the only one I wouldn’t mind sharing your love with =)…Mostly because your Lola has earned this love, for she was the one who was there to guide Mommy during my two-month leave, Lola was there for support and help, and she does this so silently…never crossing any boundaries, never too aggressive, subtly, that’s how she does it and lastly, Lola B believes that I too can be a mom, leaving enough space so I can be one…and I really just love her so…I hope that as you grow older, you’ll come to love Lola more and more, the same way I do…
oh and baby, when mommy needs to go to work at night, Lola sleeps beside you and takes care of you through the night, bait ni Lola no? And were just so lucky to have her

On you naman =)

Teething - I noticed last Friday(December 7) that your first tooth is about to come out, now I understand your need not only to chew on but more on to wrestle with your teether (and yeah you drool a lot too ahehehe, I first suspected that you were teething already some 3 weeks ago cause you were gnawing on your teether ever so badly but I read that on the average most babies have their first tooth on the 7th to 12th month, but I should have known that you are an advanced kid)
Sitting – yes, you can sit unsupported for a few second now, and babe am proud of yah
Babbling – mommy’s a little jealous, cause your babbled “da” first (November 17) and no “ma” yet…= (but of course I did enjoy listening to your babbling, keep it coming babe, I love hearing ah goos and squeals of delight from you

Last Saturday, December 8, we packed our things and moved back to QC…while we are all excited that we will finally be on our own… (READ: Daddy, Mommy and Baby Bianca ONLY) we are a little sad that we are leaving Lola, Lolo, Tita Joy, cousin Yang and cousin Toyang in Laguna…I know you’d miss Lola terribly…and Lolo would no longer be able to take you for morning walks…we’d also miss tita joys pupog kisses…and cousins (pinupunit na yerong) version of “ah moochi moochi moochi…ah woochi woochi wah”…and yeah we’ll even miss Ate Lita’s caring…sigh…mommy is all getting teary eyed thinking about all the people at HOME and yes I would miss them so…but we need to move cause we are a family now and we need to start building our own nest.

On the lighter side naman , you’ve also had your 2nd IPD shot last Saturday during your well baby check up, and hey, you only gained 0.2KG in three weeks…previously you were gaining about a KG every 3 weeks but now, you’ve only gained about a quarter of a kilo…and you know why??? Because you are kulit and likot already. But this is good…I mean, I like you active and full of life, really…You’ve also graduated from using new born formula…Dr. Rabanal already recommended stage 2 milk supplement…how cool is that? You know I actually had a silly smile on my face as your dad and I checked out at the counter after buying this stage 2 supplement. Ahehehe =)

You’ve also attended your first Christmas party, (sponsored by dada’s company) the kids were asked to wear super hero costumes and you came in as Super Bianca, and yes you were as charming as ever, wowing each of your father’s officemate. You simply are adorable darling 

Babe, remember that mommy loves you so much, so very much darling….so very much…and I vowed to myself that I will give you the very best that I can…you know I think of you all the time, I think of you when I’m at work, I think of you when I’m at home, I think of you at night and I think of you every morning, always in all ways babe, I love you, if life is a bit simpler and you’d find me next to you everyday, every hour of your life…

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Best(est) Christmas...

Yeah, Christmas is just around the corner and while I'd love to blog about the Christmas shopping and Christmas parties, I'd really just like to acknowledge the fact that hubs and I are really looking forward to this holiday season, all because of Bianca. Yes, Christmases and all the other holidays will never be the same again, we can look forward to a happier and merrier Christmas, espcially this year, as this is going to be Bianca's first Christmas.AND having Bianca alone is enough to convince me, all over again how good God is, and how blessed I am.

The latest pix of my uber sa cuteness baby Bianca

One Sunday afternoon,me taking pix and hubs making Bianca smile

On a sidenote: Let me just add that my sister just had her laser eye surgery, something we've always wanted for her =) . COngrats sis and enjoy your new 20/20 vision. Oh by the way, would like to remind those eyes..."little eyes be careful what you see, what you see, little eyes be careful what you see, what you see, for the Lord up above is looking down =). Happy holidays =)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blogging Personality

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical
You blog like no one else is reading... You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose. Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily. But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What is your Greatest Fear as a Mom?

Tag carnival by nice

Thanks nice for the tag...shucks i might get too emotional answering this =)

My Answer:
Yeah, like most moms, i fear too that i wouldn't be my daughters number 1...so like nice, i too, am taking extra effort in caring for my child after work and on weekends and every chance i got...no matter how tired i am...im not saying though that im just doing this to be her number 1...no, i just really love spending time with her...and if this would lead to her making me the number 1 in her life then i guess, time spent really paid off...

On a larger scale, being the human that I am and given all my imperfections, I fear that I(might) fall short on being a mom and not be able to bring out the best in my daughter...

There! good question nice =)

Tag - a thon part 2--Two things

Tag # 3

Two Things
Got this Two Things Meme from Joey. :)

1. Two names I go by: Sheila and May
2. Two things I am wearing right now: long sleeves pajama top and pajama
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: Love and trust
4. Two things I like to do: spend time with Bianca and mom, christmas shopping :)
5. Two things I want very badly in this moment: a new job, new dining and sala set?
6. Two things I did last night: bought Bianca a toy and played with Bianca's new toy
7. Two things I ate today: Mcdo's chicken mc nuggets and fries =)
8. Two persons I last spoke to: my mom and my sister
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow: more christmas shopping and go to work (ugh!)
10. Two favorite days of the week: Saturday and Sunday
11. Two favorite holidays: Christmas and New year
12. Two favorite beverages: orange juice and iced tea 13. Two things about me that you may not have known: I'm a math wiz (wink wink wink)....
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life: Industrial ENgineer and Workforce officer
15. Two movies I would watch over and over: conspiracy theory and pretty woman
16. Two places I have lived: Laguna and QC( bothin th phils though so dunno if this would count...haven't lived anywheree outside the Phils yet =))
17. Two of my favorite food: chocolates and ice cream
18. Two places I would rather be right now: in Laguna with my mom, daughter, sister and nieces and in Canada with my sister =)

And here is another question: What are the 5 gifts you would buy for Yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?
And here are my answers.
1. A house and lot! (plus all the appliances and furnitures)
2. A new car
3. An educational plan for my daughter
4. all the toys and gears and baby stuffs for my little one
5. a rolex

Tag - a thon part 2-- I'm a spongebob :)

Tag # 2 I got this tag from a Norm. Thank you friend for this interesting tag.

Everyone has a personality of a cartoon character. Have you ever asked yourself what cartoon character do you most resemble?
A group of investigators got together and analyzed the personalities of well known and modern cartoon characters. The information that was gathered was made into this test.
Answer all the questions (only 10) with what describes you best, add up all your Points (which are next to the answer that you choose) at the end and look for your results.
Do not cheat by looking at the end of the e-mail before you are done.
Then ask your Friends to answer it. (Make sure to Highlight your answers)

1. Which one of the following describes the perfect date?
.a) Candlelight dinner (4 pts.)
.b) Fun/Theme Park (2 pts.)
.c) Painting in the park (5 pts)
.d) Rock concert (1 pt.)
.e) Going to the movies (3 pts.)
2. What is your favorite type of music?
.a) Rock and Roll (2 pts.)
.b) Alternative (1 pt.)
.c) Soft Rock (4 pts.)
.d) Country (5 pts.)
.e) Pop (3 pts.)
3. What type of movies= do you prefer?
.a) Comedy (2 pts.)
.b) Horror (1 pt.)
.c) Musical (3 pts.)
.d) Romance (4 pts.)
.e) Documentary (5 pts.)
4.. Which one of these occupations would you choose if you only could choose one of these?
.a) Waiter (4 pts.)
.b) Professional Sports Player (5 pts.)
.c) Teacher (3 pts.)
d) Police (2 pts.)
.e) Cashier (1 pt)
5 . What do you do with your spare time?
.a) Exercise (5 pts.)
.b) Read (4 pts.)
.c) Watch television (2 pts.)
.d) Listen to music (1 pt.)
.e) Sleep (3 pts.)
6. Which one of the following colors do you like best?
.a) Yellow (1 pt.)
.b) White (5 pts.)
.c) Sky Blue (3 pts.)
.d) Dark Blue (2 pts.)
.e) Red (4 pts.)
7. What do you prefer to eat?
.a) Snow (3 pts.)
.b) Pizza (2 pts.)
.c) Sushi (1 pt.)
.d) Pasta (4 pts.)
.e) Salad (5 pts.)
8 What is your favorite holiday?
.a) Halloween (1 pt.)
.b) Christmas (3 pts.)
c) New Year (2 pts.)
.d) Valentine's Day (4 pts.)
.e) Thanksgiving (5 pts.)
9. If you could go to one of these places which one would it be?
.a) Paris (4 pts)
.b) Spain (5 pts)
.c) Las Vegas (1 pt)
.d) Hawaii (4 pts)
.e) Hollywood (3 pts)
10. With which of the following would you prefer to spend time with?
.a) Someone Smart (5 pts.)
.b) Someone attractive (2 pts.)
.c) Someone who likes to Party (1 pt.)
.d) Someone who always has fun (3 pts.)
.e) Someone very sentimental (4 pts.)

Now add up your points and find out the answer you have been waiting for! Put your character in the subject line and forward to your friends and back to the person that sent this to you.

Very interesting to see 'who' your friends are!

(10-16 points) You are Garfield :

You are very comfortable, easy going, and you definitely know how to have fun but sometimes you take it to an extreme. You always know what you are doing and you are always in control of your life. Others may not see things as you do, but that doesn't mean that you always have to do what is right. Try to remember, your happy spirit may hurt you or others.

(17-23 points) You are Snoopy:

You are fun, you are very cool and popular. You always know what's i n and you are never are out of style You are good at knowing how to satisfy everyone else. You have probably disappeared for a few days more than once but you always come home with the family values that you learned Being married and having children are important to you, but only after you have had your share of fun times

(24-28 points) You are Elmo:

You have lots of friends and you are also popular, always willing to give advice and help out a person in need. You are very optimistic and you always see the bright side of things. Some good advice: try not to be too much of a dreamer. Dreaming too big could cause many conflicts in your life.

(29-35 points) You are Sponge Bob Square Pants: - this is me (") You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have and never wants to lose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey, it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from

(36-43 points) You are Charlie Brown:

You are tender, you fall in love quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are a family person. You call your Mom every Sunday. You have many friends and may occasionally forget a few Birthdays. Don't let your passion confuse you with reality.

(44-50 points) You are Dexter:

You are smart and definitely a thinker... Every situation is fronted with a plan. You have a brilliant mind. You demonstrate very strong family principles. You maintain a stable routine but never ignore a bad situation when it comes.Try to do less over thinking every once in a while to spice things up a bit with spontaneity!
Now don't spoil it! Have some Fun!!

Tag - a thon part 2

Tag # 1 : Birth Month Tag

Thank you Norm for this tag. (Im so way behind =( .
I need to highlight the traits that tells about me. I am May....
I'll just add a simple twist since our (hubs, mine and bianca's daughter falls on censecutive month, i'll include na their traits and for Bianca naman traits I'd want her to have =)

1. Mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.
2. Copy-paste the traits for all the twelve months (see below).
3. Pick your month of birth.
4. Highlight the traits that apply to you.
5. Tag 12 people and let them know by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment for them.
6. Let the person who tagged you know when you've done it!

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very stubborn and money cautious.

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizes dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody.

Active and dynamic. Decisive and hasty but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people’s problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Emotional. Aggressive. Hasty. Good memory. Moving. Motivates oneself and others. Sickness usually of the head and chest. Sexy in a way that only their lover can see.

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.

Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride in oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.

Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people’s mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.

Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to take things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn’t pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children.

Has a lot of ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinks forward. Unique and brilliant. Extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking. Fine and strong clairvoyance. Can become good doctors. Dynamic in personality. Secretive. Inquisitive. Knows how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative but amiable. Brave and generous. Patient. Stubborn and hard-hearted. If there is a will, there is a way. Determined. Never give up. Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Loves to be alone. Thinks differently from others. Sharp-minded. Motivates oneself. Does not appreciate praises. High-spirited. Well-built and tough. Deep love and emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest and keeps secrets. Not able to control emotions. Unpredictable.

Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egotistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. Logical.

Monday, December 3, 2007

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