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Monday, March 10, 2008

Its sad

Im a little sad cause i havent really had time to update my blog, mostly because im busy taking care of the not so little anyymore one, home and work...but everythings really been great plus hubs and i kinda' established a routine already and were really just happy being on our own...

This is just a quick note but i'd surely have a detailed update next week...(its holy week so i wont have to go to work =D.

Oh and by the way, before i sign off, i really really just want to tell little Bianca that I love her so, Im really crazy about her...We'll be celebrating her 9th month on Tuesday and i still havent blogged about her 7th and 8th month birthday...that too is coming up this weekend (sheesh!)

Plus of course, i need to upload photos

Bianca, when i look at you, I wonder how someone so little can fill me up with so much love...I love you darling so much...and i thank you for giving me so much happiness...love, mommy

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Arlene said...

hey, i just hope bianca would be able to read this one (sooner) so that she'll know how much you love her :)

btw, thanks for the comment :)