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Monday, March 10, 2008

Vacation Time

Since my husband and I are both working, we rarely have time to go out and unwind. Luckily though, our birthdays are only 2 weeks apart, it is during this time that we make sure we go out, have quality family time and unwind.

For this year, hubs and I agreed that we’ll explore countries we’ve never been to---like US, Canada or UK, and with this in mind, we’re pretty sure that almost half of our budget for this trip would go to airfare…thus there is a need to search for affordable hotels where we can stay.

Of course, if hubs and I decide to go to either US or Canada, we can just stay at a relative’s house to save on hotel accommodation but since we don’t really have relatives in UK, we’d really have to find a place that’s affordable.

We’d like to consider the following hotels for UK trip:

Cheap BelfastHotels, London Hotels Centre and Cheap Cardiff Hotels

With the rates they offer, I’m sure my husband and I can have the UK vacation trip that we’ve been dreaming about.

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