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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What matters most

We're barely on our 2nd week from moving in on our own and im beat...I never realized that it can be this tiring

Maybe that ability to relax comes with more time or stability. Or maybe it's a way to assure that you're on your toes. Either way, I love our home...I just suppose that I'm still not entirely comfortable being the Queen. Someday, I'll write about pulling in every single known direction that comes with handling and managing your own home and having a little teeny baby, but not tonight.

I'm so tired I can hardly see straight. I dont know how much longer i could juggle work and home responsibilities. Its good thing that this is my last week at work and come january we'll have ate salve to help out ate krisel with the chores at home and take care of the little one while im at work

The "home + work" load really took me by surprise...since our househelp is young she doesnt know how to cook yet so at night when i get home, i still need to cook dinner and i also prepare breakfast and lunch before going to sleep( and thats because i go to work early) sigh ...it can really get frustrating sometimes...and im really just too tired now to fully enjoy our new home and bianca and hubs...but then again, no matter how tired I am ,each night as i rock Bianca to sleep, I couldnt help but be overwhelmed with so much love and gratitude...I feel so blessed having my baby and my husband. and time and again i realized i shouldnt be complaining for our life is unfolding so beautifully, i guess i couldnt really ask for more...tonight, i shall remember to hug hubs for the wonderful life we have together.

happy holidays friends. i owe bloghops and tags pa, but once we have ate salve on board, i'll visit everybody's page na. pramis =)


Norm said...

congrats sa new house friend tamang tama to celebrate Christmas..God bless your family and thanks for the visit also.

JOY said...

hello Genny na add na kita dito sa site ko as what i've said in our planet, and here in my Ozlife
too.take a look and add me too ha mega?