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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The bag hag in me…

Last Sunday, amidst my sama ng loob to hubs, I met up with a friend in circle c to check out some PCs…she finally decided on getting an “unbranded” PC to replace her dell laptop… since I was really hurting over an argument hubs and I had in the morning, I wanted to pass time to take my mind off the issue at hand. My friend and I checked out a stall that sells B-A-G-S…we just came to see the bags...that’s all…we wont be buying any…you see …I don’t have much money, another bag is not in my budget and oh, Bianca is due her 2nd shot of rota virus in two weeks time so, no new bags for me…nah ah…no…nada… I mean hubs just got me an RL bag last Christmas… besides…I’d rather collect Avent bottles and training cups than add another RL bag to my collection …Really, I don’t want a new bag…except probably for that Tommy Hilfiger Blue bag in the corner…it looks nice, and I don’t have a bag in that shape yet and at the price quoted by Marge, I felt it was a steal…I realized bro just gave me extra money so I actually have enough money to spare for a new bag, I haven’t bought myself anything in the last couple of months and I felt that I deserve a little treat…ok enough reasoning…I don’t need a new bag. But, I want one…Cant wait to have the photo uploaded…ahehehe

So in the end…the bag hag in me won …

But it is indeed a nice bag, right???

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Peanut's Mum said...

la lang, just to let you know i'm now reading your mom blog! i made one too eh :)