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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The mothers' mom

‘twas nice having lunch with ate Bubot (hubs cousin) — well, she’s always been a fave cousin in law---she’s warm and funny and I’ve always enjoy the light conversation we’d normally have during “get-togethers”

Beyond our normal exchanged of words regarding etel and other call centers we’ve touched on some personal topics as well, and I realized…

Men in general are AHs.

Women (mothers in particular) are expected to be more than mothers nowadays. Gone are the days when men single-handedly shoulder all household expenses. Gone are days when men were chivalrous enough to put up and shoulder personal expenses of their spouses… (hubs and I even go Dutch when we dine out---sigh---sad yeah, but its true)

I know about a hundred married women my age and only 4 (Joyce, Mel, Rachel and Mec) of them are SAHM, 2 (Joyce and Mel) of them wanted to get a job but couldn’t cause no one would look after their children.


I, once again, realized how lucky I am that my mom volunteered to take care of my daughter--- FULL TIME---I know that not all moms would be willing to give up their time and their life to take care of their grandchildren---but my mom did---she re arranged her life to accommodate me and Bianca and I am just thankful…beyond words for I couldn’t find anybody more suited than her to take care of Bianca…I know I would never find someone who would love Bianca as much as I would…and for that here’s a simple message for my mom:

I love you mom, I will forever be grateful for the love you have given me, and for extending that love to my daughter---I love you so much--you're the best---the greatest.

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