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Friday, October 26, 2007

Ranting (and loving)

I have this nasty habit of checking hubs email every now and then…sometimes I’d even log in the messenger using his account most of the time this is fine, but I realized that this too has its setback…Case in point, ‘twas early this week when I opened hubs email and saw this message from an ex girlfriend…I was hysterical---and boy was I mad…sure the content (just a reply from a forwarded email) wasn’t really something that I should be bothered but nonetheless, I was---Being the frantic wife that I am, I called up hubs in the office demanded to know if there was something going on…of course there was none---I wasn’t convince and went on with my “I-hate-you-and-I-am-never-going-back-to quezon-city-with-you” litany. Hubs just kept quiet…That night, hubs got home early…not even bothering to eat dinner, he lay down in bed next to me, hugged me and held my hand…that was enough assurance for me…I woke up the next day feeling happy but a little uneasy…When I got in the office I immediately checked on hubs email…what I saw really infuriated me…I saw 2 emails from the ex girlfriend

Email # 1 ---forwarded pictures taken in the office (I think 3 plus one close up picture taken in the bedroom, ex gf wearing pajama…)

Email # 2 ---(unedited )


You know im upset today, i hate my colleagues here, there are all two faced people and all of them thinks that they are the best, they keep on saying bad things about another person but they are not that good as well. I dont know I just want to express my anger, I cant release it to anyone here since it concerns them. Hehe what to do just need to adapt and sacrifice, i just wish that things will be better next time. Im just tired and fed up, i need a break but i cannot have my vacation yet, too frustrating. Anyway hope your OK now and everything is good for you.

I was so mad, how dare this girl email unsolicited pictures of herself to an ex boyfriend who is married (and happily at that---and will remain to be happy if only PATHETIC ex girlfriends would know and recognize boundaries). ~~walang daga sa net girl so we’d never have a use for these pictures!!! ~~it could have been a different story if you were sharing photos with scenic views or anything interesting, kaya lang wala e

How dare you pour your out heart to seem vulnerable and beseech sympathy and attention! How dare you declare unabashedly that “Arvi special ka sakin”

The nerve di ba?


Since ‘twas too early to bug hubs with these stuffs I waited for a couple of hours before calling him…and we talked…he doesn’t know what her problem is, he does not intend to reply to any of her messages and lastly and most importantly : SHE DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING TO HIM…to quote: ‘xxxx is my past, you are my present and my future…’enough said…coming from my husband, this meant a lot cause he’s not really the type of person who would articulate his feelings, so this was a major plus, moreso, hubs and I used this avenue to reaffirm how much we mean to each other…that no matter what happens we will uphold this marriage and hold on to our vows to love each in good times and in bad…and I was once again reminded that hubs is Gods best gift to me…

I love you honey!


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