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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blah blah blah

This post has not much content...

just wanted to say that Bianca has learned a new trick...she can jump...and she is so kulit...lately she's also been babbling a lot of ah goos...and hehehehe's but thats about it :D

more on the jumping though, last night when my mom held Bianca in her armpit, she'd jump a dozen times, making hubs and I burst into laughter, and then she'd jump again, and then we'll laugh again and then she'd jump again...this went on for about an hour or so...needless to say we were all so tired by the end of the day with Bianca's kakulitan. that I was 2 hours late at work...(so typical of me, hubs would say!)

makes me think though if we should get Bianca a jumperoo...(and i know naman that hubs wouldnt agree cause we just got her a walker cum exer saucer and it was quite expensive plus we'd also be getting Bianca a high chair next month)twas just a thought :D


Mama Let said...

in my antenatal class, we were advised not to get that jumperoo thing especially when the baby is not walking yet. kasi raw it's not normal sa human development ang tumalon palagi. normal daw ang dapa-gapang-lakad progression.

Happymommi said...

wow thanks for the info...:) yan i feel so good not getting Bianca a jumperoo :) hehehe