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Monday, November 12, 2007

My niece,Sofia, turned 8

My niece,Sofia turned 8 last october 26, sofia opted not to have the usual birthday party at home, instead she celebrated na lang in school. Her folks had to bring the typical pansit and zest o and other stuffs in the school during the kids break and her classmates feasted on it. :D Sofia seemed happy naman with this kind of celebration.

With Sofia turning 8, i couldnt help but think of how time flies by so quickly...I mean Sofia is 8... our little baby is 8 now...not so baby anymore and definitely not so little :D...

Sofia being the first grandchild (thus the first niece) on our side was an instant favorite, I'd even remember running home (literally) from work just to play with her and I'd even take time off from work to be with her...she was indeed a little darling...:D

In my mind, Sofia would always be the little girl who brings so much joy and happiness. I(or we) have always been and will be always be proud of her...and I (or we) would always love her...I just hope she gets to realize this... On her birthday, I wrote her a letter:

Sofia darling,

Wow happy birthday little sofia. You are 8 years old now. I am so proud of you. :D

Just some things I want you to remember:

  1. Stay a good girl. ( i used the word stay so she gets to realize that she is a good girl na, kse naman lately she's been scolded for doing so many little naughty things and I'm afraid she might get the idea that she is bad---but she isn't...though she really gets jealous on the attention that Bianca is getting not only from me but also from lola...sigh) Also, always follow your mom and dad and lolo and lola
  2. Stay nice to your brother and sister. (you are toyangs idol so always be good and nice )
  3. Study harder. --you need to keep your grades up and stay on the number 1 position in your class. (Sofia is really smart and I (or we) are really hoping she gets an academic scholarship and use her full potential.)
  4. lastly, always remember that you will always be our favorite pamangkin.

Often, Sofia would ask if she is still loved...and always, I'd truthfully answer, yes I love you...i hope she gets to realize that...and hope she gets to understand that I may now have my own daughter but that doesnt mean I love her less, moreso, it doesnt mean that the good times and memories we shared are forgotten...of course not, for in my heart, little sofia would always be very special.