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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How lucky can you get?

Sigh, Joy is finally having her eye laser surgery...FINALLY, we've been wanting this surgery for her for the longest time but its just so costly to have it done, good thing talaga, there's a promo going on at this hospital...she'll only be paying half the usual rate...oh thank God :D . The initial cost quoted was 32K excluding lasik screening and medicines...so in all, I think she will shell out 40K for this surgery, not bad noh, considering naman na 800+ na yung grado ng isang mata pa lang nya...oh i hope all goes well.

Bianca naman, on the other hand, had her 2nd dose of the 5 in 1 vaccine last Saturday. Everything went well too...She now weighs 8.6 Kg, her pedia commented that she gaining weight too fast, but no need to put her pa naman on diet :D

Hubs and I naman are quite busy shopping for our new house :D, it still looks bare but we both agree that despite its emptiness, para pa rin kmeng SM---we've got it all :D