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Friday, November 2, 2007

My happy baby

A healthy, happy baby is a mothers pride and joy...no doubt...am just so happy Bianca's thriving...despite the occasional coughs and colds :)

Last October 17, dad was scheduled for a check up with his gastroenterologist. The doctor normally comes in at around 3PM...which means, i needed to report to work early so i can go home early and take care of Bianca since mom will be coming along with dad, my katamaran however got the better of me--so i just called in sick and stayed at home the whole day...

i've been missing Bianca a lot cause we havent had the (quality)time to really bond...I took advantage of this leave and took care of Bianca the whole day

and she (can) now...

--sit for a few sec unsupported

--gargles a lot

--smile spontaneously

--(i think) she recognizes me coz she follows me around (with her eyes)

and i was raving over this one talaga

--she squeals in delight na...as in she can laugh...i was playing peek-a-boo with her in front of the mirror and then she laughed...we did it over and over again ad she was laughing out loudly....ahehehe...talk about reaping rewards...by far, this is one of the sweetest :)


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