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Friday, November 2, 2007

Photographs and memories

Digging into some of our old pics...
I so love this pix,taken at villa escudero, sigh, reminds me so much of my pre pregnancy bod--

We celebrated hubs bday in Baguio---hubs, the king of my world :)

Honeymoon pix, (boracay)...wala ako kse im the one taking the pix e, kinda funny cause most of our honeymoon pix are solo's...understandably naman cause it was just the two us :)

Bianca first shot at the nursery (taken at The Medical City)

Photo and layout by the most caring anaesthesologist in the world --Dr. Berdan...pix taken right after birth (The Medical City)

Mother and Daughter --we celebrated Bianca's 3rd month bday yey :) hubs dropped by lang in Laguna with ninang meann in tow

A family pix, taken in a resto in QC, we celebrated MILs bday, didnt wanna join na sana cause the place was noisy and the crowd was kinda rowdy(plus it was really late na---way past Bianca's bedtime), syempre naman hubs wouldnt agree so we joined them, sadly, the next day Bianca had fever tsk tsk tsk...

And oh, i intentionally posted hubs and mine pix first, kse naman i look so different na because I am still carrying some maternal fats :(

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Mama Let said...

ano ka ba! maternal fats ka dyan! what you gained is not even close to what i have. i actually don't keep track of my weight. i'm not sure if i'd like what i'd find out. you look fine no!